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JHHC Provider Communications

Find all of the communications and updates sent by JHHC. If you have any questions, please contact our Provider Relations department at 888-895-4998.



Outpatient Referral and Preauthorization Guidelines Update


Medical Policy Updates Effective February 3
New Diabetes Prevention & Management Programs for Johns Hopkins Advantage MD Members
Expedited Authorization for Transfer from an Acute Inpatient Facility to a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) for Priority Partners, Johns Hopkins Employer Health Program, and Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan Members
Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Authorization Requests from an Acute Inpatient Facility to a Participating Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) for All JHHC Plans
Provider Pulse Fall 2019 Newsletter
USFHP Updates
Updates to Prior Authorization Requirements for Provider-Administered Medications (Priority Partners)
New Programs to Help Manage and Prevent Diabetes
Advantage MD Pharmacy Network Change for 2020
JHHC to Begin Text Messaging to Reach Advantage MD Members
Advantage MD Product Changes for Montgomery County
JHHC Reimbursement Policy Update
Laboratory Developed Tests (LDT) Codes Preauthorization Update for USFHP​
Recent CPT Code Changes
Provider Outreach and Education Summit​ - Postponed
Newsletter and Plan Updates
Updates to Prior Authorization Requirements for Provider Administered Medications (Priority Partners)
Automatic Authorization from an Acute Inpatient Facility To a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) for Advantage MD Members
Preauthorization is No Longer Required for Observation​
Provider Outreach and Education Summit​
New Diabetes Prevention Program for Priority Partners

JHHC Reimbursement Policy Updates
Medical Policy Updates Effective September 3
HealthLINK Restyle to Improve Information Access
Provider Pulse Spring 2019 Newsletter
Outpatient Referral and Preauthorization Guidelines Update ​
Extension of Prior Authorization Requirements for Certain Provider-Administered Medications for Priority Partners
Medical Policy Updates Effective July 1 
Recommendations for Vaccines in Light of Measles Outbreaks in the U.S.
Advantage MD Primary Care Provider Change Form​
Updates to Breast Pump Device Policies for USFHP Members
JHHC Reimbursement Policy Updates​
Introducing New Preauthorization Request Forms​
Updates to Payment Dispute Forms​
Outpatient Referral and Preauthorization Guideline Update
Provider Pulse Winter 2019 Newsletter
Priority Partners Now Requires Preauthorization for Certain Provider-Administered Medications
Site of Service Change for Sleep Study Services for Priority Partners and Johns Hopkins USFHP Members
2019 Preauthorization Updates
2019 EHP ID Cards Printing Error


Outpatient Referral and Preauthorization Guideline Update
HealthLINK Down for Scheduled Maintenance Weekend of December 14-16
Medical Policies Update for 11.30.18
Priority Partners - Prior Authorization for Certain Provider-Administered Medications
New Form for Submission of Post-Service Payment Disputes for Johns Hopkins Advantage MD Participating Providers
Provider Pulse Fall 2018 Newsletter​
Johns Hopkins Advantage MD Whole Health Assessment (WHA) Form Goes Digital
Outpatient Referral and Preauthorization Guidelines Update
2019 EHP Changes
Priority Partners and USFHP Site of Service Change for ENT Services
Updated Process for Eligibility Status of Priority Partners Members
Prior Authorization Now Required for Certain Radiology Services
Medical Policies Update for 8.31.18
Utilization Management Process Change: Discontinuation of Bed Logs
Upgrades to Remittance Advice Report 
New Provider Forms for Submission of Payment Disputes and Clinical/Medical Necessity Denial Review Requests
Outpatient Referral & Preauthorization Guidelines August Update
Updated and Expanded Priority Partners Provider Manual Available August 1
Referral and Authorization Requests Not Accepted in HealthLink July 17, 2018
Procedures in Ambulatory Surgery Centers Prior Authorization Initiative
New Priority Partners: Audiology Services for Children and Adults July 1, 2018
Changes to Maryland Contraceptive Equity Act Take Effect July 1, 2018
USFHP Pharmacy Network Change
USFHP Autism Care Demonstration
Medical Policies Update for 5.31.18
Outpatient Referral and Preauthorization Guidelines Update
Inpatient Referral Fax Numbers
Ophthalmology Outpatient Prior Authorization Initiative 
Clear Claim Connection™ Fax and Email
Medical Policies Update for 4.16.1
Priority Partners $50 Postpartum Visit Reimbursement
Advantage MD Inpatient Concurrent Review Policy Update
USFHP New Pharmacy Fax Number
Prenatal Obstetrical Ultrasound Policy Clarifications
MRI of the Cervical and Lumbar Spine Prior Authorization Initiative 
Cost Shares for USFHP Members


Advantage MD Member Initiatives Notification
Advantage MD Pre-authorization Update
Ambulatory Surgery Centers Prior Authorization Initiative
DME Rent to Own Reimbursement Policy Update
Gastroenterology Outpatient Prior Authorization Initiative
Infusion Services Prior Authorization Initiative
JHHC Important News & Information
Medical Policies Update for 1.15.18
Medical Policies Update for 10.16.17
Medical Policies Update for 7.17.17
Medical Policies Update for 4.17.17
Obstetric Ultrasound Reimbursement Policy Update
Ophthalmology Outpatient Prior Authorization Initiative
Outpatient Referral Guidelines Update
Provider Outreach and Education Seminar: Part 1 for 4.19.17 & 6.8.17
Provider Outreach and Education Seminar: Part 1 Reminder for 6.8.17
Reimbursement Policies Update for 11.1.17
Reimbursement Policies Update for 9.1.17
Urology Outpatient Prior Authorization Initiative