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What Is CareLink?

Johns Hopkins Medicine CareLink is a web-based application for connecting JHM member organizations to community practices. Through Johns Hopkins Medicine CareLink, community users can gain secure access to select patient information in the Johns Hopkins Medicine electronic medical record (EMR) data repository and improve the continuity of care. This continuity provides many benefits for our patients, including the following:

  • Provides a more transparent flow of information between physicians.
  • Makes it easier for external physicians to place referrals and orders to JHM.
  • Connects clinicians at JHM with specialists using e-visits, providing care to a broader group of patients.

  • Lets JHM send releases of information electronically to community clinics.
  • Gives your community clinics access to review patients’ charts for coding and following up on claims.
  • Allows for coordination of social services outside of JHM.

Johns Hopkins Medicine CareLink is not an EMR solution; it is a mostly read-only application with a few service-oriented features, such as procedure order entry and co-signing home health orders.

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