Learn practical well-being focused leadership skills that will help you support your well-being and that of your team. 

The 10-min Well-Being Tips for Managers video series was developed by Dr. Carolyn Cumpsty-Fowler and Dr. Rich Safeer and recorded in 2022. Episodes are organized by topic.  Please send your questions or feedback to [email protected]

Becoming a better communicator

For better or worse, the way we listen and speak influences well-being.  Discover tips that support positive communication and well-being.

Inspiring and managing change and transitions

Unmanaged change can pose challenges to team well-being. Try these tips next time you are managing a change process.

Build a culture of connection and support

Healthy individual and team relationships are important for well-being. Discover ways to build a sense of connection, belonging and support at work.

Practicing healthy behaviors at work

Learn about healthy practices you can include during the work day to support individual and team well-being.

Leadership practices that are good for you and your team

Discover leadership practices that support the well-being of you and your team.

Making well-being a team norm

Learn how to create norms that support team well-being.

Stronger together

Try these tips to build a practice environment in which people feel that they belong, are valued and appreciated.

Episodes by Date

Episode 1: How to Bring Well-Being to your Team | slides (September 22, 2021) 
Episode 2: Leadership Introduction | slides (September 29, 2021)
Episode 3: Leadership Sharing The Well-Being Vision | slides (October 6, 2021)
Episode 4: Introduction to Social Climate | slides (October 13, 2021)
Episode 5: Appreciation and Recognition | slides (October 20, 2021)
Episode 6: Self-Care Behaviors | slides (October 27, 2021)
Episode 7: Introduction to Norms | slides (November 3rd)
Episode 8: Taking a Break | slides (November 10th)
Episode 9: Breathing | slides (November 17th)
Episode 10: Sharing | slides (December 1st)
Episode 11: Words Matter | slides (December 8th)
Episode 12: Showing Vulnerability | slides (December 15th)
Episode 13: Building Trust | slides (January 5th)
Episode 14: Progressive Muscle Relaxation | slides (January 12th)
Episode 15: Employee Onboarding | slides (January 19th)
Episode 16: Having Fun Together | slides | supplemental materials (January 26th)

Episode 17: Speaking and Listening | slides (February 2nd)
Episode 18: Opinions Count | slides (February 9th)
Episode 19: Leadership Role in Building Team Norms | slides (February 16th)
Episode 20: Setting Healthy Boundaries | slides (February 23rd)
Episode 21: Meetings & Huddles and our Well-being | slides (March 2nd)
Episode 22: Prioritizing | slides (March 9th)
Episode 23: Work-Life Balance | slides (March 16th)
Episode 24: Empowerment and Autonomy | slides (March 23rd)
Episode 25: Learning from & letting go of the past | slides (March 30th)
Episode 26: Positive Outlook: Looking Forward | slides (April 6th)
Episode 27: Non-Verbal Communication | slides (April 13th)
Episode 28: Fairness | slides (April 20th)
Episode 29: Collaborative Leadership | slides (April 27th)
Episode 30: Celebration | slides (May 4th)
Episode 31: Getting to Know Each Other’s Strengths | slides (May 11th)
Episode 32: Addressing Resistance | slides (May 18th)

Episode 33: Embracing Change & Transition | slides (May 25th)
Episode 34: Gratitude | slides (June 1st)
Episode 35: The Power of Peer | slides (June 8th)
Episode 36: Mindfulness | slides (June 15th)
Episode 37: Meditation | slides (June 22nd)
Episode 38: Barriers to Wellbeing | slides (June 29th)
Episode 39: Taking a Wellbeing Break  | slides (July 6th)
Episode 40: Learning Leader | slides (July 13th)
Episode 41: Providing and Accepting Support | slides (July 20th)
Episode 42: Coaching Mindset | slides (July 27th)
Episode 43: Developing a Gossip Free Zone | slides (August 3rd)
Episode 44: Mood Contagion | slides (August 10th)
Episode 45: Cultural Humility | slides (August 17th)
Episode 46: Compassionate Self-Awareness | slides (August 24th)


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