Arts, Health and Well-Being

We believe the arts can be instrumental in creating connection and community across our institution and can contribute to building resiliency. There is a rich landscape of arts, health and well-being programming at Johns Hopkins Medicine and University. We highlight a few of these programs here and welcome contributions to this page and to our events listings by contacting [email protected].

Our Resources

Peabody Arts in Health

In collaboration with partners across Johns Hopkins University and throughout the Baltimore community, the Peabody Institute has mobilized the arts to support individual and community health and well-being. Building upon scientific research and artistic practices, Peabody’s Arts in Health initiatives encompass education, research, and clinical and community practices which serve artists, arts administrators, patients and care partners, healthcare providers and administrators, and citizens in the Baltimore community.

Peabody Arts in Health

Johns Hopkins International Arts + Mind Lab (IAML)

Johns Hopkins International Arts + Mind Lab (IAML) offers a series of simple video explainers on the healing benefits of the arts—including music, dance and design—and how they are proving essential to our health and wellbeing.


The Impact of Music at Suburban Hospital

Musicians playing music and singing at Suburban HospitalMusicians playing music and singing at Suburban Hospital

Music can evoke a range of emotions, from joyful and invigorating to calming and melancholic. Researchers continue to explore and confirm connections between music and emotional response, memory, and support for healing in individuals and communities.

This summer, staff members and patients at Suburban Hospital were treated to an unforgettable musical experience. Through a grant from the Office of Well-Being, Suburban Hospital teamed up with The Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University to bring music to work areas, lobbies, and patient care units, featuring Tamara Wellons, vocalist and arts in healthcare practitioner. Cindy Notobartolo, administrative director of the emergency department/trauma, safety and emergency management was instrumental in bringing Wellons to Suburban as a part of Peabody’s Sound Rounds program.

Personnel and patients alike enjoyed songs from many genres and eras, including gospel, rhythm and blues, and classics from the 40s and 50s. The results, says Notobartolo, were uplifting sessions with emotional responses from the listeners, including some being brought to tears. “The connections between the singer, the songs and the people were real,” she says. “(Wellons) certainly met the intent of bringing joy, awe and a small period of transporting employees from their health care tasks.” And thanks to support from Suburban Hospital, the team is working to let the music continue through ongoing programming.

Arts Highlights

Please enjoy video of some Johns Hopkins Medicine art highlights.

Read the story or poem behind the videos.

When the Dust Settles

At Johns Hopkins Medicine, we believe that arts can be instrumental in helping us process and make meaning of our experiences, and feelings of grief and loss. Participating in collaborative, creative activities fosters connection, community and well-being.

March, An Original Poem

As we look for ways to reflect on the events of the past year, many of us have turned to writing, music, art and other creative mediums. Watch a video to hear Mia Scharper, communications manager for Johns Hopkins Medicine International, read her poem, March, accompanied by Peabody Institute cellist Lindsey Choung.


Additional Resources

Google Arts & Culture

This initiative features a toolkit of arts and culture activities for everyone, from the WHO’s Cultural 5 to breathing exercises with renowned opera singer Renée Fleming to a spoken word piece on mental health by teens from Chance the Rapper's youth empowerment charity, SocialWorks.