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Johns Hopkins Medicine Well-Being Research

In order to address the factors that contribute to burnout for our own clinicians, the Johns Hopkins Office of Well-Being is collaborating with partners across Johns Hopkins Medicine to look at systems, processes, and practices that promote the well-being of our faculty and staff. And we are working to mitigate the things that get in the way of professional fulfillment and work life balance.

JHM Interprofessional Well-Being Survey and Research Study

The Interprofessional Well-Being Survey and Research Study looks at professional fulfillment, burnout, work efficiency, peer support and work-life balance for Johns Hopkins Medicine clinicians.

Joy in Medicine Task Force

Learn about the Joy in Medicine Task Force and Access the Report (JHED required)

Physician Wellness Academic Consortium (PWAC)

In addition to our work within Johns Hopkins Medicine, we have joined the Stanford Physician Wellness Academic Consortium which enables us to collaborate, share interventions and benchmark data with peer institutions across the country. Learn about the work of this Consortium.

National Academy of Medicine (NAM)

Johns Hopkins Medicine through the Office of Well-Being, is a member of The National Academy of Medicine’s Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience, and member of the Leadership & Working Group. The NAM Collaborative is a network of more than 50 organizations committed to reversing trends in clinician burnout. Learn about the drivers of well-being and research conducted through the Collaborative.


Share with us

The Office of Well-Being would like to know about any evidenced-based well-being initiatives you are working on! Please contact us so we can help promote it for shared learning.