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The Small Grants for Well-Being program was created to offer financial support to Johns Hopkins Medicine (JHM) faculty and staff toward the development and implementation of initiatives that reduce stress and improve the quality of one’s work life, which is necessary to create a collaborative, healthy work environment.

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Well-being leaders share how the grants support their teams

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Danie Noble, R.N.

Practice Administrator
JHCP at Howard County Pediatrics

Small Grants Project: Provide an arts-based teambuilding activity outside of work

Tell us about your project, what excited you the most; what are you most proud of? 
I applied for the grant to do an art project with my team; basically, to take them to an art studio where we can do art together as a team to get out of the office; do something relaxing that didn’t require brain power and enjoy each other’s company. There are 20 people on my team.


Small Grants Program Supports Well-Being for Teams across JHHS 


Did you receive a grant?

Hello all grant recipients, thank you all for being a part of the Office of Well-Being’s Small Grants program! Submit your final grant report here. Due by Sep 30, 2022.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • The purpose of this program was to support the health and well-being of Johns Hopkins Medicine faculty and staff in ways they find most valuable, and to inspire new and creative ways to enhance our health and well-being.

    A guiding principle of this program is that well-being can mean different things, depending on where we work, and that local teams and departments understand their well-being needs best. The Office of Well-Being created this program to provide a mechanism to empower action on your ideas.

  • We did not have pre-set projects in mind; our goal is to support the ideas (big or small) you thought are most valuable.

    We were particularly interested in projects that foster social connection among team members, create supportive structures to promote self-care, as well as projects that support individual and team health and resilience.  We were also interested in projects that address work efficiency issues faced by our faculty and clinical staff.

    Some ideas to build on:

    • support for trainings or lecture series around wellness;
    • funding to pilot a project around work efficiency;
    • trainings or supplies to implement evidenced-based well-being practices: gratitude, mindfulness meditation, or buddy systems/peer support
    • well-being supplies for breakrooms or recharge space
    • supplies to support a project that promotes physical well-being for your team (hydration, nutrition, exercise, sleep, etc.)

    All ideas were welcomed. We believe that you know best what would make a difference for well-being at work. 

  • Teams composed of front-line or clinical support staff employed at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, Howard County General Hospital, Suburban Hospital, Sibley Memorial Hospital, Johns Hopkins Home Care Group and Johns Hopkins Community Physicians are eligible to apply.

    The grants are intended to support Johns Hopkins faculty and staff involved in patient care. 

    Teams of clinical support staff involved in direct patient care (EVS, Patient Transport, Food Service, etc..) are encouraged to apply.

    Please contact us if you have a question about eligibility:

  • Awards will be announced and funds will be available by early February 2022. They will be disbursed to your hospital or entity earmarked to support your program. Your hospital or entity will hold the funds for you and allow you to use them for the intended purpose.

  • Funds should be used by Sept 15, 2022, although this will be coordinated with the hospital or entity that will hold your grant funds. Most projects will continue after this date.

  • The review process was coordinated by Johns Hopkins Medicine’s Office of Well-Being. Applications weree reviewed by a committee made up of representatives from each hospital or entity as well as representatives from our faculty, clinical staff and clinical support staff.

    In order to be considered for funding, all questions in the application must have been answered completely.  Applications were judged according to the feasibility of timeline and budget and how well the project addresses the stated need.  Applications must be supported by the relevant manager/supervisor. View the evaluation rubric.

  • No, the funds could go toward a new or existing initiative related to well-being. They could have also be used for a pilot project.

  • Yes, approvals from your manager or supervisor were needed to proceed with this project, if funded.  This was especially important if a project involved changes to a physical space or changes to a work flow.

  • Grantees will be responsible for:

    • Documenting expenses and submitting for reimbursement

    • Using funds for approved purposes only

    • Using funds within a specified time period (project funds must be spent by Sep 15, 2022, but most projects will last longer)

    • Documenting your project’s impact through photos and testimonials and sending them to the Office of Well-Being for inclusion in the report to the donor and JHM communications.

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