Physical Well-Being Resources

Regular physical activity benefits both the body and mind, and is especially important for health care workers. 

Internal Resources:

Healthy at Hopkins Portal Resources

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  • Please click here to access to access the Healthy at Hopkins portal or log onto and enter ‘Healthy at Hopkins’ into the ‘Search Tools+ Resources’ search engine to locate the tile. Click the heart icon in the upper left corner of the tile to pin it to your ‘favorites’.

  • Access Yoga and Meditation classes

  • Health Journeys: Online motivation programs.
    • Change Your Workout
    • Fit as a Family
    • Get Strong at Home
    • Move to loose
  • Walk your way to fitness
    • Sync up wearable devices to keep track of your daily steps, sleep and other physical activities.

Self Care Break 

graphic of a chair yoga pose

cat cow yoga poses

Self-care can take just a few minutes. It can be done at work, on the unit, or in a break room.






Hopkins Gyms in Baltimore

Johns Hopkins University Wellness Classes- - for SOM Faculty and Staff

For JHU faculty and staff- Visit the JHU Wellness Program