About Us

InHealth is how we practice precision medicine at Johns Hopkins Medicine. Precision medicine uses the latest technology to measure disease characteristics so we can identify patterns in groups of patients. We can then develop tailored treatment plans for individuals. We can also use this information to create proactive treatment plans, getting ahead of health problems before they occur.

How We Practice Precision Medicine

We’re researching the causes of disease through patient subgroups formed after measuring clinically important differences among patients who have the same disease. This data helps answer these questions:

How does the disease progress over time for similar patients?

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Do patients develop complications?

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Do they respond to specific therapies?

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This information is placed on our inHealth computing platform, the Precision Medicine Analytics Platform (PMAP). Answers to questions such as these can be used to estimate and balance the likely benefits and risks of treatments given a patient’s preferences and tolerances.

  In addition to saving unnecessary expense treating people who will not respond, as part of Johns Hopkins inHealth, we are further studying what nonresponders will teach us about their disease so we can develop additional treatments that might work for more people.  

  Antony Rosen, Vice Dean for Research  

Past Events

Johns Hopkins inHealth Precision Medicine Symposium 2022

The Symposium took place Friday, September 16, 2022. Learn more.

inHealth Spring Retreat

This internal retreat took place on June 24, 2022. Programs in the retreat were intended to foster collaboration among the inHealth Precision Medicine Centers of Excellence within the School of Medicine and other disciplines across Johns Hopkins University.