Healthy people and communities enabled by the delivery of the best interventions for health promotion and disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment for each patient in primary care.


To accelerate discovery and translation of research into primary care practice. We will achieve this with precision data and analytics that enables a learning health system, working in partnership with patients, families, clinicians, researchers and communities.

Primary Care Research and Precision Medicine

Our research aims to improve patient outcomes, as follows:

Neighborhood Differences

We are using tools of spatial analysis to improve the care in communities with high risks of adverse outcomes among their residents.

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Individualized Treatment

We are developing analytics methods to identify the best medication addition for patients who need intensified treatment of a chronic condition.


Develop Registries

We support researchers in developing registries of patients with important primary care needs such as hypertension control, transgender health, complex care and disabilities.


Learning About Barriers

We are developing a Comprehensive Diabetes Assessment tool that will help identify barriers to individuals' attaining their best diabetes outcomes.

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Data Linkage

We integrate rich data from public sources into our data platform to learn about the needs of individuals living in diverse neighborhoods.

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Linkage to Services

We use data and analytics to link patients to services, within and outside of the health system, for management of their chronic conditions.

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Research Initiatives

The Center of Excellence for Primary Care has many research partners in the Divisions of General Internal Medicine.

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