Provide early detection, prognosis, and/or predicting response to available medications; develop new blood tests to better monitor treatment response; and, using blood-derived stem cells, test whether patients will be helped by emerging medication treatments.


Translate research into clinical care by defining patients who respond optimally to currently available and emerging therapies. Identify new therapeutic targets based on refined and granular understanding of disease mechanisms.

Alzheimer's and Dementia Research

Big Data Power

Which sub populations are more at-risk for cognitive decline and fast disease progression?

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Scaling Evidence-Based Care

How can the current quality care be made available to all persons with dementia throughout Johns Hopkins?


Expedite Discovery - Closing the Loop

How can we fast track the research from clinic to test tube and back to the clinic with biomarkers for subtyping and for advancing therapeutics?

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Innovation: Brain Scans

How can existing brain MRI methods be refined for early detection, prognosis, or predicting response to available medications?

Innovation: New Blood Test

Can novel blood tests based on “exosomes” be used to learn about what’s going on in the brain so as to stage the AD brain disease and monitor treatment response?


Innovation: Stem Cell Models

Can blood derived stems cells be used to test whether individual patients will be helped by available and emerging medication treatments?

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Clinical Trials

The Richman Family Precision Medicine Center of Excellence in Alzheimer’s Disease can facilitate access to several clinical trials conducted as part of the Johns Hopkins Memory and Alzheimer's Treatment Center (MATC) or the NIA-funded Johns Hopkins Alzheimer's Disease Research Center (ADRC).

Lecture and Panel Videos

  • 2022 Michael M. Ossoff Alzheimer's Prevention Symposium

    Hear from leading experts about ways to prevent the onset of dementia and memory disorders. (This panel was recorded May 12, 2022.)

  • Dementia and Precision Medicine

    Dr. Constantine Lyketsos presents the current medical knowledge and research to date on memory and Alzheimer's disease and answers frequently asked questions. ("What We Are Learning About Memory and Alzheimer's" was presented in April 10, 2021.)

Patient Care for Alzheimer's Disease 

The research we do directly impacts the treatment options available to our patients. Find out more about patient care for Alzheimer's Disease.

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