To identify, quantify, and define early predictors of clinical outcomes and lower barriers to research and personalized medicine for all neonates. 


Develop the infrastructure and expertise that will allow for personalized evaluation, counselling, management, and prevention of neonates at risk for adverse outcomes.

Neonatal Research and Precision Medicine

Questions we're asking that inform us on how to best care for patients include:

Can we develop a tool for timely identification of neonatal ICU factors that impact on ultimate brain health?

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Can we unify nuanced neonatal data collection into the OMOP common data model format?


Can we develop an objective and quantifiable scoring systems to predict dynamic individualized in-hospital and longer term neonatal outcomes which are EHR compatible and scalable?


Research Grants Awarded

Drs. Paul Nagy and Khyzer Aziz are among the leaders of two recent patient data grants awarded to Johns Hopkins. With this funding support, clinical, research, and IT teams will work to improve maternal health through data innovation, collection, and infrastructure.

Clinical Trials

Beyond providing access to promising new treatments, clinical trials drive the future of neonatal care through evaluation of safety, efficacy, and research.

Patient Care for NICU

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