A prostate cancer diagnosis does not always imply treatment. Active Surveillance of low risk cases has become the standard of care, due in large part to the patient risk stratification work done at Johns Hopkins for over 20 years. We seek to refine and optimize our present surveillance strategy and refine a personalized tool (the ActiveCare Tool) that can predict a patient’s longitudinal suitability for surveillance. In addition, we plan to design prospective randomized trial(s) in order to acquire data on how best to conduct surveillance and when a transition to either treatment or watchful waiting is in order.


Optimize the ActiveCare Tool for patients in Active Surveillance and calibrate it for use in other national and international cohorts. Our goal is to develop an online tool for patients to assess their suitability for active surveillance and to enable clinicians worldwide to follow these patients safely.

Prostate Cancer Research and Precision Medicine

Questions we're asking that inform us on how to best care for patients include:


Can we identify the most salient variables to use in the ActiveCare Tool to predict the presence of disease with adverse pathologic features that would render a patient unsuitable for continued active surveillance?

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Can we adapt/calibrate this ActiveCare Tool for different surveillance populations worldwide, and promote its use collaboratively and online?



Can we refine and develop better biopsy strategies, including novel imaging and targeting modalities, to optimize the diagnosis of aggressive prostate cancer?

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