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Professorships for Basic Science

Two basic science faculty members were recently honored with professorships:

Deborah Andrew was installed as the Bayard Halsted Professor in the Department of Cell Biology. 

Cynthia Wolberger received the Brown Advisory Colleagues Professorship in Scientific Innovation. 

Ribosome Research

Among new grants announced by the European Research Council, scientist Rachel Green, director of the department of molecular biology and genetics, will be working with scientists at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory & the Technical University of Berlin to understand the roles of ribosomes in protein synthesis & signaling. Green and  colleagues Jan Kosinski, Julia Mahamid & Juri Rappsilber will create an in-cell map of ribosomes & new methods for next-generation, in-cell structural bio. 

McKnight Pecot Fellows

Congratulations to Johns Hopkins University student Xiomara McDonald and cell biologist Shigeki Watanabe, who are among five teams participating in the McKnight Pecot Fellows award program. In Watanabe's lab, Xiomara will be using electron microscopy to study how Parkinson's disease mutations affect signals passing between neurons.