Johns Hopkins Mass Spectrometry Day

Register to attend a workshop and series of lectures on advanced mass spectrometry imaging and proteomics for basic and clinical research in June 2, 2022 from 9 am – 5 pm in the Mountcastle Auditorium, Preclinical Teaching Building, East Baltimore Campus, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. The day’s agenda includes two sessions of lectures, a poster session and networking. Lunch will be provided. This event is for Johns Hopkins Medicine basic and clinical research faculty, staff, students and postdoctoral fellows. Registration is required. 

Session I Molecular Tissue Imaging

9:00-9:05 am Welcome and introduction of the keynote speaker

9:05-9:50 am Keynote Lecture: Dr. Ron M.A. Heeren (M4I, Maastricht University) – Molecules, cells and tissues in context: translational imaging mass spectrometry

10:00-10:25 am Dr. Erin Seeley (University of Texas, Austin) – Mass spectrometry imaging: enabling a deeper view of tissue histology

15 min Coffee Break

10:45-11:10 am Dr. Alison Scott (University of Maryland, Baltimore) – Mapping the host-pathogen interface in pulmonary infection models to identify therapeutic targets

11:15-11:40 am Dr. Peggi Angel (Medical University of South Carolina) – Deciphering the extracellular matrix proteome in the era of single cell ‘omics

11:45-12:05 am Dr. Caitlin Tressler (Johns Hopkins) – Mass spectrometry imaging of postmortem COVID patient lungs and fluids

12:10-1:30 pm Lunch Poster Session (All labs using mass spectrometry are encouraged to participate), box lunch for registered participants

Session II  New Developments in Omics of Proteins, Lipids and Metabolites

1:30-1:35 pm Thank you to sponsors and introduction of the keynote speaker

1:35-2:20 pm Keynote Lecture: Dr. Ryan T. Kelly (Brigham Young University) – In-depth single-cell and spatial proteomics

2:25-2:50 pm Dr. Peter Nemes (University of Maryland) – Live single-cell MS enables discoveries in the vertebrate (frog) embryo and the (mouse) brain

2:55-3:20 pm Dr. Marian Kalocsay (Harvard Medical School)  Proximity proteomics in systems pharmacology

15 min Coffee Break

3:40-4:05 pm Dr. Norman Haughey (Johns Hopkins) – Proteomics interrogation of extracellular vesicles identifies mechanisms for spreading neurodegeneration and Alzheimer’s

4.10-4:25 pm Dr. Brian Foster (Johns Hopkins) – Targeted quantification of cytokines and retinoids metabolizing enzymes using internal standard triggered parallel reaction monitoring (SureQuantTM)

4.30-4:45 pm Dr. Ben Orsburn (Johns Hopkins) – Single cell proteomics reveals cell to cell heterogeneity in post-translational modifications and drug response

4.50-5.00 pm Closing Remarks (Cole, Glunde, Lutsenko)

Hopkins Organizers: Dr. Robert Cole, Dr. Kristine Glunde, Dr. Svetlana Lutsenko, Felicia McGowan