Research Centers

Rangos building exterior

The Institute for Basic Biomedical Sciences provides seed funding and continued support to several research centers at Johns Hopkins that focus on a specific aspect of biology or medicine.

  • Center for Epigenetics

    The IBBS Epigenetics Center – the only one of its kind in the nation – brings together experts in biochemistry, genetics, medicine and biostatistics to increase understanding of how cells establish and maintain control of genes and what happens when cells lose these controls.

  • Center for Cell Dynamics

    Center researchers are creating new technologies such as biosensors, microscopes, and computer programs that can help scientists visualize how cells divide and move; this in turn will shed new light on how cells control their behaviors.

  • Center for Metabolism and Obesity Research

    Two of the most urgent global health problems are obesity and diabetes. CMOR researchers are focusing on metabolism at a cellular level and looking at factors that influence cell survival, growth, and aging.