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Animal Assisted Therapy

Olive, a therapy dog


Animal Assisted Therapy offers our patients positive human-animal interactions in a clinical setting offering emotional support at a vulnerable time.

Our teams visit both children and adults throughout Johns Hopkins Hospital on a regular basis. With more than 15 volunteers Therapy Dog teams in service, we believe that Animal Assisted Therapy improves the wellbeing of our patients, staff and family members.

The human animal bond is a mutually beneficial relationship between people and animals that positively influences the health and well-being of both. Research combined with human intuition recognizes the impact the human-animal bond can have on health.

Research has demonstrated where therapy dogs have positively affected patients’ pain levels and satisfaction with their hospital stay; has significantly increased positive social behaviors among children with autism; has provided social support, lowered blood pressure, and made improvements in pain, mood and other measures of distress.

Animal Assisted Therapy at Johns Hopkins Hospital

Meet Olive, the Dalmatian. She and her owner, Stephanie Cooper Greenberg, show what it’s like to be a therapy dog at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. Therapy dogs are now being universally recognized for how they can help with healing while in the hospital.



Animal Assisted Therapy is offered at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. For more information, contact

If you are interested in becoming an Animal Assisted Therapy volunteer please apply here. If you are interested in becoming an Animal Assisted Therapy Facilitator please contact

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