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Delivering on the Promise of Medicine

The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine consistently ranks among the nation’s very best in education. These numbers are important, but we’re more than numbers – we’re a community of seekers and dreamers. Using the latest tools and teachings available to scientists and doctors, we become healers, caregivers, discoverers and inventors.

  • a woman looks out a window with sad expression

    From the Blog: Facing Your Own Cynicism in Biomedical Professions

    The more you know, the more you know you don’t know. In biomedical professions, sometimes that fact can be energizing and other times — disheartening.

  • Kimberly Turner

    The Color of My Skin

    Kimberly Turner, M.D., discusses how with mentorship, advocacy, and open-mindedness by all, we strive for greater diversity within the healthcare workforce.

  • Medical students in anatomy class

    From the Blog: The Human Behind the Body

    A medical student shares his experience with cadaveric dissection.

  • Dorry Segev, Sharon Gerecht, Colleen Barry and Elizabeth Jaffee.

    Johns Hopkins Faculty Members Elected to National Academy of Medicine

    Dorry Segev, Sharon Gerecht, Colleen Barry and Elizabeth Jaffee are among 100 new members elected to the National Academy of Medicine.

  • Raised hands painted with world flags.

    Developing a Complete Culture of Interpretation

    The clinically excellent clinician works to empower interpreters to translate not only the patient's words, but also the patient's tone, cadence, and meaning.

  • Gregg Semenza celebrates with his lab.

    Gregg Semenza Wins 2019 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

    Gregg Semenza, M.D., Ph.D., was recognized for his ground-breaking discovery in the laboratory of hypoxia inducible factor 1 or HIF-1, which helps cells cope with low oxygen levels.

  • Lauren Peiffer

    From the Blog: The Vets Among Us

    While the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine may be known for its rigorous M.D. and Ph.D. programs, Hopkins also boasts top-notch, research-oriented veterinary residency programs.

  • Dr. Jennifer Elisseeff

    Jennifer H. Elisseeff, Ph.D., Among NIH Awardees

    Dr. Elisseeff received an NIH Director’s Pioneer Award from the NIH Common Fund’s High-Risk, High-Reward Research program. The program funds highly innovative, high-impact biomedical research.

  • Capitol Hill

    From the Blog: Switching Career Paths

    Graduate student Bernat Navarro-Serer's Ph.D. wasn’t a reassurance of his professional goals, but instead opened a whole world of career options.

  • A close-up of agate.

    Patient Interviewing Gems

    Excellent clinicians make the time to learn about their patients as people and connect on a personal level, building relationships that can last years, decades, or even a lifetime, shares medical student Thomas Gracie.

  • A family looks at the portrait of Vivien Thomas.

    From the Blog: Representing Diversity in Portraits

    Ph.D. student Talia Henkle notes that although a modest effort has been made, Johns Hopkins still has a long way to go to modify its artwork to reflect 21st century values.

  • Kamaria Cayton Vaught in the lab.

    Johns Hopkins Fellowship: An Inside Perspective

    Thinking about becoming a fellow at Johns Hopkins, but unsure what life in Baltimore is really like? Hear what three fellows have to say and get an inside perspective of fellowship life at Johns Hopkins.

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Baltimore: Small town feel, big city appeal

Baltimore earned the nickname “Charm City” from its mosaic of diverse cultures and neighborhoods. The city’s down-to-earth reputation belies its significance as an East Coast economic hub and a leading center for science, technology, learning and industry. The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is proud to be part of this dynamic city.

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