Experience Baltimore

Called “Charm City” for a reason, Baltimore is a place that has a little something for everybody.

Johns Hopkins is in Baltimore, Maryland, a spirited city with a unique blend of historic charm, cultural heritage and urban vitality. With hanging out at the Inner Harbor, attending neighborhood festivals, biking to school and more, Johns Hopkins medical students and trainees have a lot they love about Baltimore.

  • Visiting Baltimore

    Planning a visit for interviews, campus tours or Second Look Weekend? Start here.

    A view of Baltimore's Inner Harbor.
  • Living in Baltimore

    A collection of resources for those moving to and living in Baltimore.

    A row of Baltimore townhouses.
  • Campus Life

    Here are some useful links for managing your day-to-day life on the School of Medicine campus.

    Students walk outside.

How to Get Around

A variety of transportation options makes it easy to get around Baltimore and the surrounding areas.

Things to Do

A vibrant and eclectic city, Baltimore has something to offer every mood, lifestyle and budget.