The Office of Part-Time Faculty

The Part-Time Faculty (PTF) share in, and are integral to, the tripartite mission of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicines (JHUSOM) teaching, research and patient care.  Along with other faculty at JHUSOM, the PTF educates medical students, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows in accordance with the highest professional standards; to prepare clinicians to practice patient-centered medicine of the highest standard, and to identify and answer fundamental questions in medicine and science.

A Message From the Assistant Dean of Part-time Faculty 

Dear colleagues,

We greatly appreciate the work you are doing to care for our patients, students, our community, and each other. The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the Office of Part-Time Faculty (PTF) are looking for every way to assist part-time faculty with sharing information and resources, keeping in mind that we are all working to meet the needs of our patients and practices.  As we work to enhance and expand communications we will use this site to provide information and seek your feedback. We welcome you to share your needs and concerns with us. We appreciate all that you do for our students, our patients, and our missions.

Maura J. McGuire, M.D.

Executive Director of Education & Training
Office of Johns Hopkins Physicians and Johns Hopkins Community Physicians
Associate Professor of Medicine
Assistant Dean of Part-time Faculty

Pillars of Our Mission

Part-time faculty may engage in the mission through the same core processes as full-time faculty. As referenced in the Blue Book, considerations for the appointment or promotion of part time faculty involves increased focus on clinical activities, teaching and service. As discussed in the Silver Book, reputation beyond the SOM and evidence of creative scholarship in research, education, clinical distinction, program building and service are considered in the promotion process, and constitute pillars of membership in the part-time faculty.

Useful Links and Partners

  • Continuing Medical Education

    The Johns Hopkins CloudCME web portal allows users to register for upcoming courses, review calendars, identify activities that will help them provide better care, access online syllabi, complete course evaluations and download transcripts in real-time.

    The Billings building.
  • Faculty Development Opportunities

    The Johns Hopkins University SOM’s Office of Faculty Development creates and delivers effective programs that develop and nurture our diverse faculty as leaders in clinical care, medical education, and research excellence.

    Faculty sit at a table in conversation.
  • Genes to Society

    The Genes to Society curriculum presents a model of health and disease based in the principles of adaptation to the environment, variability of the genotype and stratification of risk, rather than simply a dichotomous view of "normal human biology" and "abnormal physiology."

    An educational simulation.
  • Improve Your Teaching

    In an effort to bring the most effective and evidence-based teaching strategies to everyone in the global community, the Institute for Excellence in Education has compiled a series of valuable resources in this website.

    A professor with graduate students.
  • Institute for Excellence in Education

    The mission of the Institute for Excellence in Education is to promote, value and advance the educational mission of the School of Medicine while enhancing the school's leadership role in medical and biomedical education.

    A group of participants of the IEE teaching camp.
  • JHCP Medical Case Conference Series

    New webinars and CME events are added on weekly basis.

    Conference attendees.
  • Longitudinal Ambulatory Clerkship

    The Longitudinal Ambulatory Clerkship places students in “home clinic” for a 12-month period, allowing them to experience firsthand many of the professional, behavioral and organizational issues that have an impact on the practice of medicine.

    Medical students in a clinic.
  • Office of Faculty

    The Office of Faculty strives to make all of the support and resources they offer readily available to faculty when they need it.

    Faculty members listen with rapt attention.
  • Office of Johns Hopkins Physicians Education and Training

    The Office of Education and Training develops, evaluates and coordinates innovative learning to support strategic initiatives of the Office of Johns Hopkins Physicians.

    A woman sits at a coffeshop, watching a webinar on her laptop.

2023 Faculty Development Programs

Join fellow School of Medicine faculty for this leadership course designed for junior faculty members. Throughout nine sessions, you will increase your leadership knowledge, practice leadership skills, establish your leadership identity and grow your community of colleague leaders. (JHED ID required to view link.)