Patient Education

Patient Education

Welcome! At Johns Hopkins, we want patients and caregivers like you to feel equipped to take control of your health care. There are some terrific tools and resources available to help make complex medical information easy to understand.

Emmi ® Education Program

Emmi ® is a web-based program that provides you with easy-to-understand medical information that you can access from any computer, tablet or smart phone. Emmi ® programs typically take about 20 minutes to watch and provide step-by-step information about managing a chronic condition or how to prepare for an upcoming procedure.

You can view the program at your own pace. At the end, you’ll have the opportunity to print a summary of the information along with any questions you may have for your doctor.

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Living Well Guides

Living Well guides are designed to provide you with excellent information about managing a chronic condition. Each guide includes interactive features to enhance your learning experience. You can watch videos, listen to the audio recording of each section, highlight text and more.

Joint Commission Speak Up

Speak Up™ is The Joint Commission's patient safety program, designed to help patients and their advocates become active in their care. The Speak Up™ program includes ready-made resources in English and Spanish on a variety of topics to help patients communicate about their care. For more information and to download campaign materials, visit The Joint Commission’s Speak Up™ website.