Meetings and Conferences


Residents are required to attend a variety of meetings and conferences, including departmental, administrative staff meetings, committees, clinical meetings, and professional meetings. In most cases, the preceptor will assign meeting attendance at the beginning of the month. In other cases, the resident will be asked to attend a specific meeting by another preceptor to enhance the resident's education experience or assist with the development of a project. 

Hospital Meetings

  • Friday Resident Meeting:
    This meeting, held weekly with the Chief Pharmacy Officer or a designee, serves to keep the resident informed of progress and developments in the department. It also serves as a forum for didactic presentations of management topics as well as to broaden the residents' knowledge of professional issues.
  • Pharmacy Administrative Staff Meetings:
    These weekly meetings serve to coordinate all of the operations and clinical services for the Department of Pharmacy. Residents participate as full members of this meeting and on a rotating basis serve as the secretary of the Pharmacy Administrative Staff.

Professional Meetings

*Due to COVID-19 availability and participation may change

  • ASHP Mid-Year Clinical Meeting
    In an effort to support the field of pharmacy, a strong relationship has been forged between Johns Hopkins and ASHP. Several Hopkins clinicians are involved in pharmacy societies on a state and national level. This residency program actively supports the society involvement of residents through membership reimbursement and meeting attendance. Networking opportunities are numerous at this annual meeting. Throughout the year, there will be various opportunities to become involved in committees, board meetings and to publish articles in society journals. This program strives to provide opportunities for networking with pharmacists in leadership positions.
  • Eastern States Residency Conference
    This spring conference is an opportunity for residents to formally present their research projects and provides opportunity to interact professionally with other resident colleagues and leaders in health-system pharmacy.
  • Other professional meetings
    Attendance based on resident interest and Program Director approval.