Pharmacy Internship Program



  • Must be enrolled in a Doctorate of Pharmacy program in a College of Pharmacy that is ACPE accredited or seeking accreditation
  • Must have completed 1 year of professional pharmacy education (i.e. you must be IN your 2nd year in a 4 year program or 4th year in a 6 year program) when applying
  • Licensed and/or international pharmacists will not be considered for this program


Complete an online application: Pharmacy Job: Application link for the summer intern program

  • Please include a letter of intent and curriculum vitae as a part of the online application
  • Clearly identify IPPE rotations and any community service work that was completed as a part of your curriculum in your CV

Important Dates and Information

  • All application materials should be submitted electronically and is due by the December 8, 2023
  • You may assume that all materials have been received unless Ms. Sarah Largent notifies you via email
  • Upon review of all application materials, each candidate will be notified via email by the end of December
  • If you are selected, phone interviews will start the first full week of January
  • Final selections will be made no later than the beginning of March

Please note: This is a very busy time for us! Resident and new pharmacist applications are also reviewed during this time. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding.


Throughout the internship program, numerous additional opportunities were provided to enrich our learning and facilitate networking, including topic discussions, workshops, book clubs, an interprofessional event, and site visits to the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists headquarters. These events helped to inculcate us with the values of the profession and provide us with insight into issues impacting pharmacy practice within health-systems. We all left having gained invaluable experience, professional connections, and friendships we will cherish for a lifetime. As we departed, we felt a profound sense of gratitude for the lasting impact it will have on our journeys as future pharmacists.

Siân Behrendt-McLeroy, PharmD Candidate 2025
University of Texas at Austin

The internship turned out to be more than what I had imagined. In just 9 short weeks I was able to challenge myself to take on and complete new projects, attend topic discussions and immerse myself in conversations with pharmacists who are so passionate about their contribution to the field of pharmacy. In addition, I was able to expose myself to the different areas in pharmacy that I did not even realize existed. Be the best, be a role model, be open, be kind – I will carry these core values of Johns Hopkins as I complete my education and start my career in pharmacy. The Johns Hopkins mission to set the standard of excellence in medical education, research and clinical care is encouraging and eye opening to opportunities that are out there for the new generation of pharmacists, like me. I will forever treasure this amazing experience.

Emily Ganeshan, PharmD Candidate 2025
D’Youville University

My days began with a warm good morning and ended with a sense of accomplishment. Every time I walked into the hospital, I was eager and full of optimism for what the day had in store. It was always something new and exciting such as a last-minute meeting or making those tough decisions behind the scenes that no one really sees. I was never made to feel small, even when surrounded by greatness and that is what helped reassure me that I was in the right place and that I could see myself working here in the future. The innovation, culture, and passion are evident no matter where you are in the hospital, and it is quite infectious. Everyone was welcoming and ready to give me a helping hand when I needed it the most. As I look forward to the future, I have high hopes because the sky's the limit at Johns Hopkins Hospital and it feels as though anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Kavitha Sukumar, PharmD Candidate 2025
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy

Someone once told me “Whatever makes you uncomfortable is your biggest opportunity for growth.” Each day presented me with a new set of challenges to overcome and projects to complete. Despite feeling nervous at first, I made a commitment to myself at the beginning of the summer to take these challenges as an opportunity to grow. Having this mindset has allowed me to make the most of each opportunity presented to me this summer, growing my leadership skills, clinical knowledge, and passion for the field of pharmacy. The culture of Johns Hopkins is one which encourages learning, embraces learning from failure, and keeps patient care at the forefront of everything they do, aligning with the values I have carried with me through my pharmacy journey. Walking into work each day where this is the culture allowed me to view my project work differently. Rather than having to be always driven by results and work towards completion, I was able to focus on the process and strengthen my project skills. Throughout this summer, I have grown more than I thought possible, from my project skills to leadership skills and opportunities. From resident panels and topic discussions to presenting my project at the end of the internship, each opportunity challenged how I thought and made me see things from a new perspective. I am more excited than ever for a career in pharmacy because of my time with Johns Hopkins.

Logan Gaskill, PharmD Candidate 2025
University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy

Contact Information

Sarah Largent
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Email: [email protected]