Training Program Overview

What is JHHS Pharmacy Technician Training Program?

The Johns Hopkins Health System (JHHS) Pharmacy Technician Training Program is designed to train students to become pharmacy technicians to support pharmacists, improve patient safety, reduce medication errors, and improve efficiency in the Pharmacy. JHHS Pharmacy Technician Training Program graduates are well trained to meet high-quality performance standards and are prepared to pass state and national certification exams.

The Department of Pharmacy supports the JHHS Pharmacy Technician Training Program. Students will be hired as Pharmacy Technician Trainees during the training program. Upon successfully completing the training program, students are eligible to register as a Pharmacy Technician with Maryland, District of Columbia, or Florida State Board of Pharmacy and subsequently fill a Pharmacy Technician's position at The Johns Hopkins Health System.

Program Information Statistics
JHHS Pharmacy Technician Training Program History
  • First class started in March 2021 at Johns Hopkins Hospital 
  • Offering 2 classes per year (Spring and Fall)
  • Graduated ~20 students each year
Current JHHS sites offering Training Program
  • Johns Hopkins Hospital (JHH)
  • Sibley Memorial Hospital (SMH)
  • All Children's Hospital (ACH)
  • Bayview Medical Center (BMC)
JHHS Pharmacy Technician Training Program Status
  • ASHP/ACPE accredited as a formal pharmacy technician training program maintaining high quality and standards.
JHHS Pharmacy Technician Training Program Metrics
  • 100% passing rate on the final exam
  • 98% completion rate 
  • 67% passing rate on national certification 

Program Cost

The cost of attending the training program is free to you, supported by the Department of Pharmacy. Students will be hired into a Pharmacy Technician Trainee position, maintaining full-time employment while attending the Training Program.

We ask every trainee who completes the Training Program to work full-time as a pharmacy technician at Johns Hopkins Health System for a minimum of one year. In the event of leaving full-time employment as a pharmacy technician before one year, the trainee will be responsible for reimbursing Johns Hopkins Health System in the amount of the cost of the Training Program ($3000). A contract will be signed at the time of hire.