Who is Who

A number of individuals play key roles in the administration of our Pharmacy Technician Training Program

Program Director

  • The program director has ultimate responsibility for the JHHS Pharmacy Technician Training Program.
  • The program director receives regular updates on pharmacy technician trainees’ progress from the site coordinators and is responsible for confirming trainees have completed all the requirements of the training program for graduation.

Site Coordinators

  • Site coordinators oversee the trainees’ academic performance on school workdays (e.g., didactic and simulation components of the training program) and provide bi-weekly check-ins on all trainees at the site.
  • Site coordinators provide remediation for trainees who fail exams after three attempts.


  • Preceptors supervise and oversee technician trainees during the experiential rotation portion of the training program at the designated pharmacy.
  • Preceptors design the training schedule and assign qualified trainers to guide and coach trainees in the pharmacy.


  • Instructors are local experts on simulation sessions.
  • Instructors guide the trainees through practice exercises by demonstrating the activity first, providing feedback when trainees are performing the practice exercises, and grading the simulation activity using a grading rubric.

Talent Acquisition

  • Each site’s Department of Pharmacy Talent Acquisition Specialist is the first point of contact for all applicants.
  • Talent Acquisition Specialists work with applicants to schedule pre-assessment testing and interview during the application process.
  • Talent Acquisition Specialists will advance the technician trainee’s position to a pharmacy technician after completing the training program and obtaining the Board of Pharmacy registration.

Strategic Workforce Development

  • Strategic Workforce Development provides all applicants access to online learning platforms (e.g., Edmentum) for preparation of pre-assessment testing.
  • Strategic Workforce Development has a designated career coach to support all technician trainees throughout the duration of the training program.