Training Program Testimonials

JHHS Pharmacy Technician Training Program Testimonials

  • 96% of graduates were very satisfied with their overall experience with the technician training program.
  • 100% of graduates felt it was easy for them to navigate through the online Pharmacy Technician University (PTU) platform.
  • 92% of graduates agreed that the instructor is knowledgeable about the subject and helped them understand how the course is important to the workplace and/or educational goals.
  • 100% of graduates felt confident applying the content they learned in a real pharmacy.
  • 100% of graduates had on-site supervisors that were available to answer their questions and provided helpful feedback on their performance.
  • 100% of graduates would recommend the program to others.


I loved everything about the program. I appreciate how much effort and appreciation all teachers and preceptors were shown. The schoolwork wasn't too much for me to handle and being able to do hands-on activities (simulations) and actually being in the pharmacy was so helpful.

Despite the program being ‘online’ it almost feels like a real class because you have a person talking, with subtitles, you have slide shows, and you have quizzes and reviews to do using your notes. So, anybody that has typically had a hard time with traditional online classes where you only read and have no other interactions (such as myself) will find this class to be a level above traditional online training.

I absolutely appreciate the instructor and the time she took out to really make sure each individual understood all materials and explained why each is important in their own way.

I actually have already recommended others to this program. It’s self-paced, everyone around you is super helpful and no one lets another fall behind. Personally, my preceptor was so amazing with making sure I was on track and always offered assistance!