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During the year, residents will be evaluated by rotation preceptors, their respective Program Director, and themselves.

Prior to the start of each new rotation, the resident is required to meet with the rotation preceptor, primarily to discuss and customize the rotation's goals and objectives in order to meet the specific needs of the resident. During the rotation, residents meet with preceptors on a regular basis, as determined by the preceptor and resident. Within one week after completion of the rotation, residents meet with their preceptors for evaluation purposes: preceptors evaluate the residents; residents evaluate preceptors and the rotation; and they may conduct a self-assessment. Any modifications to the rotation or its goals and objectives also can be discussed. All resident and rotation evaluations must be completed using PharmAcademic.

Evaluations in PharmAcademic are available to the facilitator, rotation preceptor, and the Residency Preceptor Committee.

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