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Pharmacy Internship Program

The Johns Hopkins Pharmacy Internship Program was established to provide pharmacy students with a structured learning experience intended to provide a comprehensive exposure to hospital and health system pharmacy practice. Approximately 15-19 students are hired for the summer at one of our locations—the main, East Baltimore campus, the Bayview Medical Center, the Johns Hopkins Home Care Group headquarters, or the Howard County outpatient pharmacy. Based on their assigned location, student interns may require a vehicle for transportation. 

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The start date and completion date for each student intern varies based on the academic calendar for their respective College of Pharmacy. However, the latest start date is the first week of June. Student interns typically work 40 hours per week and must complete a minimum of 9 consecutive weeks.  Scheduled hours and days are determined by the preceptor.

The internship program is structured to provide experiences that supplement formal didactic training. The program supports and guides the student intern while allowing them to progress at their own pace, based upon their experiences and interests.  Unlike academic programs, no grade is given although meetings are scheduled with preceptors to discuss their progress to assure value for the student intern and the Department of Pharmacy. The intern’s enthusiasm and interest in the program will, in part, determine the value of their experience.

Contact Information

The Johns Hopkins Hospital, The Pharmacy Department
600 North Wolfe Street, Carnegie 180
Baltimore, MD 21287

Irish McClung
Phone: 410-955-8636