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The Residency Redesign Challenge Grant

The Institute for Excellence in Education (IEE) in conjunction with Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Hopkins Medicine and Johns Hopkins Hospital made possible the Residency Redesign Challenge Grant. The Residency Redesign Challenge Grant was intended to support and complete projects to significantly rethink and redesign residency training programs for the 21st Century.

Background: Residency training programs face increasing challenges related to duty hours and supervision regulations, decline in federal and state reimbursement, increasing health care costs, pressures on teaching faculty, growing complexity and volume of medical informaiton, and technology and techniques. Equally important, there are evolving, changing societal health care needs, a focus on individualized medicine, a move to the ambulatory arena, patient safety concerns, and a potentially radical change in the health care finance environment.

Purpose: To evaluate and summarize the current state of and proposed changes to residency training, explore the challenges, and then design and implement a pilot program that re-thinks and redesignes how we teach and train physicians-in-training.

Challenge grant recipients consisting of a team leader and up to three additional members, received $45,000 in year one with the possibility of a one-time renewal of $50,000 for a second year.

Only one application per residency was considered.

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