Educators' Corner

Welcome to the IEE Educators’ Corner!

This monthly feature is an opportunity to share and celebrate the great work of the IEE and our outstanding educators.

With each issue, we will feature an “Educator of the Month,” a nominee or winner of an IEE Outstanding Educator award, recipient of a small grant or Educational Shark Tank funding, or recipient of an IEE Faculty Education Scholar’s program. We have fantastic and varied educators, and we look forward to hearing from them. We’ll also get an update from an IEE Departmental Ambassador about the innovative, interesting and quality work done in the various departments. An IEE Board member will offer a reflection and we’ll be inspired by words from the Vice Dean for Education. We are also excited to provide a link to the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, Division of General Internal Medicine's “Must Reads in Medical Education,” which cites 3-4 articles each month from the medical education literature, for important advances in health professions education.

Please feel free to share the contents with other educators.

Director's Gratitude

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine has a uniquely rich history and leadership role in medical and biomedical education.  We continue to lead the way, respecting important traditions while innovating and improving for the future.  With the Educators’ Corner, we share information about and insights from our great educators.   Nothing would be possible without our amazing educators, learners, leaders and supporters. Each plays an integral role in the success of the Institute for Excellence in Education and the School of Medicine.

I think back fondly and with gratitude on the many teachers, educators and leaders who helped me, had the patience to work with me, to develop my skills over the many years. They continue to teach me every day.  I am indebted to our current educators. Many faculty have selflessly donated their time to run IEE programs as well as their department’s educational programs. Education doesn’t “just happen” but takes a dedicated, specifically trained, very talented and hardworking core of education professionals, the often “unsung” heroes in the system.

During my nearly 30 years at Hopkins, I have had the pleasure of working with students and trainees at the start of their careers. I’ve seen them blossom into outstanding clinicians, researchers, educators, and leaders.  Many have gone on to become deans, presidents, chairs or leaders in national and international organizations. The true joy of being a teacher is seeing learners become our future.

I remain in awe of our educational leadership who steady the course while always moving forward, even in tough waters. They do so with dignity, calm and collegiality that I admire. I have had the privilege of working with, and being mentored by, 2 truly visionary Vice Deans for Education.  The IEE Ambassadors keep up to date with our many departments and campuses.  The Board of Directors provide sage guidance to keep us moving forward.  The IEE partnership with the Office of Faculty Development enables many inspirational programs to occur.  The amazing IEE Managing Board, a diverse group representing educator, faculty and administrators from across the campuses, are the heart and work force of the IEE. They design, implement and review all of our programs. These educational leaders inspire me every day. 

Finally, I’m deeply appreciative of our supporters and donors whose generosity enables the IEE Small Grants Program to fund junior faculty’s truly innovative educational ideas.  Donations permits Education Shark Tank to happen each year and allows us to consider new programs.  Finally, philanthropy allows the Faculty Educator School’s program to thrive, building the next generation of great educational leaders, with practice-changing educational programs.

I am deeply honored and grateful to lead the IEE, amazed on a daily basis by our educators, learners, leaders and supporters, and remain certain that the future of medical and biomedical education is very bright.

Joseph Cofrancesco MD

  • Director, Johns Hopkins Institute for Excellence in Education

Expertise: Internal Medicine

Primary Location: Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center, Baltimore, MD