Educator of the Month

May 2024: Tina Zhang

Tip of the Month: Prioritize creating a supportive learning environment for your learners. This will be crucial to your success as an educator, whether you are teaching in the classroom or leading a team on the wards. With a positive learning environment, learners are more likely to engage in thoughtful reflection, ask questions, and embrace growth mindset thinking. Creating a safe space will allow learners to explore, struggle, reflect, and grow without fear of judgement. To do this, try to set clear and realistic expectations at the beginning, promote open communication, and provide frequent observation and formative feedback for learners.

IEE Educator of Month: May 2024 Tina Zhang, M.D.

Tina Zhang MD

  • Co-Director, Johns Hopkins Medical Education Pathway, Department of Medicine Residency Programs

Expertise: Internal Medicine

Primary Location: Johns Hopkins Health Care & Surgery Center - Green Spring Station, Lutherville, Lutherville, MD

April 2024: Charles Locke

Tip of the Month: When attending on one of the teachings services, on morning rounds ask the presenting intern to present from memory, and ask another to pull up the H& P on a WOW.  Tell the presenting intern that it is not a memory contest, just present as much as they remember and they can ask their fellow intern at the WOW as reference for any data they can’t remember.

The presenting interns almost always do a really good job; they remember all the important stuff, they leave out a lot of the extraneous information and the presentation ends up being more focused and concise.  It also makes one of the other interns (the one at the WOW) actively involved in the presentation.

IEE Educator of Month: April 2024 Charles Locke, M.D.

Charles F. Locke MD

Expertise: Internal Medicine

Primary Location: The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD

March 2024: Mary Newman

Tip of the month: Meet your students where they are! Learn who they are, where they are headed, and what is hard for them. Ask questions that no one else is asking them. Listen before you teach. You’ll be an excellent teacher before you know it.

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IEE Educator of Month: March 2024 | Mary M. Newman, MD

February 2024: Jed Wolpaw

Tip of the Month: One of the most powerful things you can do for a learner is tell them about your mistakes.  Tell them about a time you failed.  Tell them about a time when something went wrong, and a patient got hurt.  If we, as educators and leaders, don’t tell them these stories, then when it happens to them, and it will happen to them at some point, they will think something is wrong with them.  They will think they are not good enough to be a doctor.  But if they hear our stories, then maybe they will come to us instead of quitting, and say, “Remember what you told me? It happened to me too.” And we can help them to avoid being a second victim, and to grow and learn, rather than shrivel and fold, from their mistake.

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January 2024: Jay Baraban

Tip of the Month: Stories inspire.  Consider taking the time to tell a story that illustrates the creativity or serendipity that led to a key discovery central to your lecture.  Rather than distracting from the core material, a well-placed anecdote gives students a hook that helps them latch onto a key lesson. Years later, students tell me that these stories stick with them and have often piqued their interest in learning more.