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About the IEE

Medicine and science are dramatically and rapidly evolving through genomics and epigenetics, evidence-based medicine, health information technology, patient safety and quality, and advances in basic science research. To prepare our physicians and scientists for this future, medical and basic science education must evolve, as well.

Johns Hopkins is a world leader in patient care and scientific research. However, it is our emphasis on the central role of medical and biomedical education — and on the notion that patient care, research, and education must occur together and each reinforce the other — that established Johns Hopkins as a model of excellence throughout the world. Since 2009, the Institute for Excellence in Education (IEE) has been a vibrant and critical part of that model.

The IEE helps our faculty strengthen the school’s educational mission and its national and international leadership. The four pillars of the IEE are:

  • Improving teaching
  • Inspiring and supporting research, scholarship, and innovation in education
  • Valuing and recognizing teaching and education
  • Fostering a community of educators

Through the contributions of time, talent, and resources – generously given by the office of the vice dean for education, donors, and numerous faculty – the IEE is advancing an innovative and responsive educational program for the 21st  century and ensuring Johns Hopkins’ leadership role.

Please contact us for more information and to learn what you can do to help Johns Hopkins continually improve its standards and enhance its reputation as a world leader in medical and biomedical education.