Scoring Criteria Details

Phase I Scoring

  • Review will use a 1 to 10 Likert scale for each of the following categories:
    • Importance of the topic
    • Potential impact on learners
    • Innovation
    • Feasibility
    • Quality of methods
    • Evidence and quality of evaluation
    • Potential to influence education beyond Hopkins
  • Maximum possible score is 70
  • The IEE will provide comments to each applicant and will include strengths of the proposal and constructive feedback for improvement

Phase II Scoring

Review will use a scoring instrument developed by the IEE Managing Board and the Selection Committee, which includes:

  1. Personal Faculty Development Plan (20 points)
    • Specific plan and time line for professional development activities during this award cycle
    • Demonstration of how plan will influence applicant's teaching practice
  2. Proposal for Educational Scholarship (70 points total - 10 points each)
    • Importance of topic
    • Innovation and/or impact
    • Feasibility of accomplishing project objectives
    • Quality of methods
    • Quality of project evaluation
    • Likelihood of successful dissemination
    • Potential to influence medical education broadly
  3. Evidence of Quality Mentorship (10 points)
    • Mentor(s) to be a faculty member identified by the applicant with appropriate expertise to assist with the project and career development of the applicant
    • The IEE will also provide targeted mentorship specific to the content area identified within the project
  4. Support of Department Director
  5. Exhibits Promise for a Career as Educator/Commitment to Education