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At Johns Hopkins, we practice precision medicine through our inHealth initiative. We tailor treatments to people and conditions based on data gathered from groups of patients. This provides patients, providers and insurers with health care choices that are more informed. 


A Revolutionary Digital Tool: Precision Medicine Analytics Platform (PMAP)

Johns Hopkins is introducing the Precision Medicine Analytics Platform (PMAP), which provides a HIPAA-compliant and secure way of storing patient data from many sources. Researchers and doctors at Johns Hopkins Medicine will use this data to support inHealth and our precision medicine efforts.

Johns Hopkins inHealth: Big Data, Safely Stored

Johns Hopkins PMAP Portal

healthy living

Feeling Healthy Not Always Good Indicator of Heart Disease Risk

A new study by Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers adds to evidence that how healthy people think they are isn’t always an accurate indicator of their risk for cardiovascular disease.

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Jasonee, an ARVC patient

At the Heart of Precision Medicine

@HopkinsInHealthMeet Jasonee who was diagnosed with ARVC in 2012. She found experts at Johns Hopkins, who quickly determined her condition was a rare familial disorder that causes sudden cardiac death in young, apparently healthy individuals.

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InHealth team

Meet Our Team

Meet the multidisciplinary team that works to achieve a new level of precision in health care.

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