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inHealth is a strategic initiative to advance precision medicine at Johns Hopkins. By leveraging university-wide assets from the disciplines of medicine, engineering, nursing, public health and our Applied Physics Laboratory, our team is developing patient-level insights that will improve health care.

As our insights into human health deepen, so too do our opportunities to apply our knowledge beyond our own patient population, through the development of products and services that will transform health care delivery.


Whole-person Precision Medicine

inHealth starts with an understanding of patient subgroups at the most granular level, drawing from genetic insights, patient health history, environmental factors, and disease-specific expertise. Leveraging best-in-class data infrastructure and analytics, Johns Hopkins endeavors to increase the precision and customization of patient care, to design research and trials more precisely, and to develop new solutions to unmet healthcare needs.


Johns Hopkins inHealth: The Future of Medicine is in Your Hands


Powered by our Discovery Platform

inHealth uses the revolutionary tools of measurement, data science and connectivity to discover clinically-relevant and biologically-anchored subgroups at scale, and to deliver what we learn to impact the precision and value of health care. Our discovery platform, called the Precision Medicine Analytics Platform (PMAP), provides clinicians and researchers with a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment in which to integrate, store and analyze data from a variety of sources.

Precision Medicine Centers of Excellence

Doctor and patient

Man doing physical therapy
Precision Rehab

Man in a wheelchair on the street
Multiple Sclerosis

Senior woman talking to her doctor
Alzheimer’s Disease

a family walking

Senior man and his doctor
Pancreatic Cancer

man looking at camera
Prostate Cancer

senior woman and doctor
Bladder Cancer

Doctor with patient

a woman's hands

senior woman gardening

scientist looking at a microscope


In Development

doctor looking at lung on screen
Lung Cancer

Woman talking to a nurse
Neuro Critical Care

Baby and mom getting help from nurse
Pediatric Genetic Syndromes

senior couple and doctor

InHealth team

Meet Our Team

Meet the multidisciplinary team that works to achieve a new level of precision in health care.

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