Survivorship Facts and Guidelines

The CanSurvive Clinic at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital provides facts and guidelines to help our survivors live healthy and happy lives.

The Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital CanSurvive Clinic provides survivors with key facts and guidelines about childhood cancer and focuses on general wellness strategies so all of our survivors can live healthy and happy lives.

Cancer Survivor Facts

Key facts all childhood cancer survivors should know:

  • With improvements in cancer treatment, more children and teenagers are being cured of cancer each year. 
  • Every child cancer survivor is different. 
  • Cancer survivorship cannot be generalized for all pediatric survivors. What one survivor is at risk for can be very different from another survivor. Whether you are at risk for many late effects or hardly any, you still benefit from learning about them.
  • Pediatric cancer survivors are at risk of experiencing health problems years or decades earlier than their peers. These health problems include heart disease, strokes, infertility, psychosocial issues and secondary cancers. 
  • Anxiety and depression are not signs of weakness. Knowing what signs to look for and accepting help can greatly improve overall wellness. 
  • Anxiety and depression are experienced by many survivors and could be a result of post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Almost two-thirds of survivors will have at least one chronic health condition because of their cancer or its treatment. One-third of cancer survivors may have a serious or life-threatening medical condition. Learn More >>

Cancer Survivor Guidelines

Our CanSurvive Clinic offers survivors links to follow-up guidelines that can help increase long-term health and awareness of late effects.

Children’s Oncology Group
The Children’s Oncology Group provides valuable guidelines on a variety of subjects, including dental health, heart health, reducing the risk of secondary cancers and more.

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