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The Johns Hopkins Hospital Celebrates 125 Years

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May 7, 2014, marked a major milestone in the history of The Johns Hopkins Hospital. One hundred and twenty five years ago, in 1889, the hospital opened with the vision of our benefactor Johns Hopkins to unite a hospital and a medical school in a previously unimagined way. Mr. Hopkins sought to inspire collaboration that would revolutionize medicine.

From the teaching of medical students at patients’ bedsides to the placement of diagnostic labs adjacent to the clinics, Johns Hopkins’ pioneering physicians would set standards that would make it “a model of its kind” for the nation and beyond.

Over time, we’ve built on that tradition of combining patient care, research and education. This has led to stunning breakthroughs in diagnosis, treatment, management, safety and prevention.

In the last 25 years alone, our achievements have included advances like the nerve-sparing prostatectomy; a chemotherapy-laced, implantable wafer for the treatment of brain cancer; multipatient kidney “swaps”; and a double hand transplant, along with breakthrough genetic and stem cell discoveries.

Looking Forward

There are many indicators of success, but the real measure is ultimately our patients’ well-being. Nowhere on earth is medicine being practiced as it is at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. We are bound together through deep history, timeless commitment and our pursuit of excellence to provide hope and inspiration in our care for one another, for our patients and families, and for the world.

With this rich history as our foundation, we look forward to another 125 years of delivering the promise of medicine. Happy 125th anniversary!

Highlights from the 125th Anniversary Celebrations

Ronald R. Peterson on History

At a 125th anniversary celebration of The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Ronald R. Peterson, president of The Johns Hopkins Hospital and executive vice president of Johns Hopkins Medicine, commemorated the founding of The Johns Hopkins Hospital and noted some of the more recent milestones.

Paul B. Rothman on the Promise of Medicine

Paul B. Rothman, dean of the medical faculty and CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine, provided insight into the changes in medicine over the last 25 years at a 125th anniversary celebration of The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Yariela Kerr-Donovan on Project REACH

Yariela Kerr-Donovan, director of Project REACH/community education programs, spoke about the career acceleration program she oversees.

View more videos from the 125th Anniversary Celebration.

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