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The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Whether you’re looking to become a physician, find a clinical fellowship or residency program, hoping to pursue a life of basic science research or aspiring to join one of the best medical art programs in the world, Johns Hopkins has what you are looking for. Our medical and graduate programs are ranked among the top in the nation and our teachers, scientists, and physicians are some of the world’s foremost experts in their fields. That's what gets people interested in coming to Johns Hopkins... but it's the culture here that gets people to stay. It's a culture of excellence and an aspiration to be the best in the world at what you do, mixed with friendliness, and a spirit of collaboration that make it all possible... and wonderful to be part of.

While we are steeped in history, having been the first institution of its kind to bring together patient care, research and education, you’ll find that we also have some of the most cutting-edge research happening here. We have biomedical engineers working side-by-side with surgeons developing mind-controlled prosthetic limbs; we have geneticists working with oncologists decoding cancer genomes and looking for drug targets; and we have students designing synthetic genomes to better understand the fundamentals of life. And you can be a part of this.

Paul Rothman, MD

Paul B. Rothman, MD

Dean of the Medical Faculty, CEO Johns Hopkins Medicine

Landon King, MD

Landon S. King, M.D.

Executive Vice Dean, School of Medicine

William Baumgartner, MD

William A. Baumgartner, M.D.

Vice Dean for Clinical Affairs

Janice Clements, PhD

Janice E. Clements, Ph.D.

Vice Dean for Faculty Affairs

Jonathan EllenJonathan Ellen, M.D.

Vice Dean for Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital

Daniel Ford, MD

Daniel E. Ford, M.D.

Vice Dean for Clinical Investigation

David B. Hellman

David B. Hellmann, M.D.

Vice Dean for Johns Hopkins Bayview

Antony Rosen, MD

Antony Rosen, M.D.

Vice Dean for Research

Geraldine Seyoux

Geraldine Seydoux, Ph.D.

Vice Dean for Basic Research

Roy Ziegelstein, MD

Roy Ziegelstein, M.D.

Vice Dean for Education, School of Medicine