The Office of Women in Science and Medicine

Our mission is to foster the academic progress of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine women faculty through education, advocacy, mentoring and networking. In addition to providing opportunities for women to acquire the skills and strategies for professional development, we also work to increase the representation of women in leadership roles. By identifying and addressing barriers to advancement, we promote the importance of diversity, humanism, varied career paths, personal wellness and work-life balance.

Women in Leadership

Today at Johns Hopkins Medicine, we see the profound influence of women leaders in every aspect of the fields of medicine and science – from the operating room, to the research laboratory, to the executive suite.

Contact Us

Women Faculty and Alumni are always welcome to contact the Office of Women in Science and Medicine regarding their interests, issues and programming ideas. We invite your suggestions and value your input.

Jennifer Kim Lee-Summers, M.D.

Senior Associate Dean for the Office of Women in Science and Medicine

Dr. Lee