The #everyBODYmoves campaign is a grassroots effort that aims to address immobility harm in the acute hospital and post-acute setting. Our goal is to develop a forum for clinicians and organizations to share best practice that nurses, therapists and medical colleagues can embrace.

#everyBODYmoves Resources

Download these resources to help you foster a culture of mobility in your institution. We offer several mobility evaluation tools and informational flyers that can be printed as large as a poster size or used digitally as screen savers or slideshows. These resources are available for download and use under a creative commons license.

COVID-19 Resources

Our team adapted these flyers for use in units treating patients recovering from COVID-19.

Mobility Measurement Tools

Our complimentary toolkit includes three tools to help you measure patient mobility, set mobility goals and evaluate potential barriers to establishing a culture of mobility within your team: 

  • Johns Hopkins Highest Level of Mobility (JH-HLM) Scale
  • Patient Mobilization: Attitudes and Beliefs Survey
  • Johns Hopkins Daily Mobility Goal Calculator
  • Johns Hopkins Safe Patient Handling Mobility (JH-SPHM) Guide

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Training and Implementation

If you are interested in creating a culture of patient mobility at your institution, explore our training and implementation offerings.