Training and Implementation

Johns Hopkins Activity and Mobility Promotion offers a variety of training and consultation options, ranging from institution-level implementation support to hands-on frontline training. If you're unsure where to begin, start with Hospital Assessment and Project Design.

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Hospital Assessment and Project Design

Consultation and Report

The JH-AMP Team assesses the culture of mobility at your organization. This comprehensive evaluation covers education/training to electronic health record design and everything in between.  Your organization will receive a detailed report and debrief session reviewing recommendations for implementing JH-AMP.

Implementation Design Workshop

Our experts meet with your project team and work collaboratively to establish your project plan, strategies and review the JH-AMP implementation guide and timeline.

Training and Education

Johns Hopkins Annual Hospital Activity and Mobility Conference

The annual JH-AMP conference features on-demand didactic content and in-person didactic and interactive components.  Content includes the JH-AMP 8-Step Framework, Hospital Mobility Clinical Practice & Innovation, Hospital Program Integration (e.g. falls, delirium, SPH, pressure injury, mobility), and Best Practices.

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eLearning Course: Introduction to Johns Hopkins Activity and Mobility Promotion (6 Hours)

This foundational course for hospital leaders and program implementers details the JH-AMP 8 step framework. Content focuses on the tools and resources needed to design and implement structured quality improvement processes.

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eLearning Course: Frontline Onboarding and Training (1 Hour)

This course aims to educate frontline staff on the consequences of immobility harm, how to utilize functional measurement tools, techniques for engaging patients, and moving patients safely.  This module can be loaded on your Learning Management System and licensed for access by an unlimited number of your organization’s staff per year.

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eLearning Course: Moving Safely (4 Hours)

This course expands on the didactic content provided in the Frontline Onboarding eLearning course. Content includes: hospital mobility background, advocacy, common language tools, setting daily mobility goals, integrating safe patient handling and optimizing patient engagement.

Mobility Advocate Course

This in-person course provides didactics and hands-on skills to establish JH-AMP Mobility Advocates in your organization. Using teach-back, sign-off, and knowledge check methods, JH-AMP will certify your Mobility Advocates. The Mobility Advocates will be able to support front-line staff training and JH-AMP program implementation. This program can be delivered at your organization or at Johns Hopkins Medicine locations. 

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JH-AMP Certified Trainer Development and Sustainability

To support program sustainability and address Mobility Advocate growth and turnover, the JH-AMP Certified Trainer program provides a sustainable mechanism for your organization to deliver the JH-AMP Mobility Advocate Course. This program includes a 4-step training process and ongoing participation in the JH-AMP Certified Trainer Community. Your organization will have access to all JH-AMP curriculum and resources to support independent delivery of the JH-AMP Mobility Advocate course. In addition, JH-AMP will provide didactic testing and certificates of completion.


Strategic Program Development

JH-AMP meets with your executive and program leadership to develop strategic plans, review program progress, discuss program goals, and progress the implementation timeline.

Implementation Support and Project Management

JH-AMP embeds experts into your quality improvement team to progress your program through consistent consultation calls.

Electronic Health Record and Report Design

The JH-AMP team consults on your Electronic Health Record design to optimize clinical workflows. Our team shares reports, operational definitions, and key performance indicators necessary to track program performance.

Program Integration

Our team works with your organization to integrate JH-AMP with hospital specific programs to include but not limited to: Safety Quality (e.g. falls, delirium, pressure injury), Diagnosis Specific Populations, Critical Care practice, Age Friendly Health Systems, Surgical Pathways, Safe Patient Handling, etc.

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Get on the path to implementing a successful activity and mobility program today! Reach out and we can help build a JH-AMP plan that meets the needs of your institution.