#EVERYBODYMOVES Combating Patient Immobility Harm

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Johns Hopkins Activity and Mobility Promotion (JH-AMP)™ firmly establishes the concept that a systematic approach is essential to combating the harms of immobility in our hospitals. Our inter-professional program provides frontline caregivers and hospital leaders with the tools and support needed to design and implement structured quality improvement processes that can successfully increase patient activity and mobility to improve outcomes.

What is JH-AMP?

Michael Friedman, PT, MBA, and Erik Hoyer, M.D., explain the methodology behind JH-AMP and how the program is making a difference.

What is Immobility Harm?

What is the Activity and Mobility Promotion Program?

About the Activity & Mobility Promotion Program Outcomes

By focusing on mobility, we are able to improve patient outcomes, expedite recovery time and shorten length of stay. Introducing this initiative has led to greater patient engagement and improved experience. More importantly, we are able to bring patients back to independence.

Michelle D’Alesandro, Director of Medical Nursing at Johns Hopkins Bayview

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