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Inside JHHC

JHHC’s Second Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration

"We shall overcome," the JHHC choir sang, as they kicked off the second annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration. The song echoes the belief that Dr. King fought for in his nonviolent role in the Civil Rights Movement. ​Read more. 

Living Work-Life Balance Through Community Service

Most of us use PTO to find balance through vacations. Kijon Renfroe, Project Associate in the Office of the COO, uses his to go on trips throughout the country to help repair the homes of those affected by natural disasters. ​Read more. 

Community Health Advocates: An Inside Look 

Meet Emily Luyo, a Community Health Advocate, who reaches out to local communities to talk to Priority Partners members and community residents about healthy habits and answer questions about the Priority Partners plan. Read more.