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What Participants Are Saying: Online Patient Safety Certificate Program

Misti Price

This program has stolen my heart. I have found my niche in the nursing world. It has affected my outlook on health care in that I look for ways to improve the world around me. Throughout my career I have been a part of a culture that lives with failures and workarounds, but now I have promise for true and lasting change.

The program taught me how to truly listen to people. I don't just hear about a problem and say, 'Uh huh.' Bells go off in my head and I hear ‘system failure, system failure, system failure!’ What may be just ‘another complaint that won't be addressed’ to the person talking to me, I see as an opportunity for process improvement and system fixes.

I love the language and the processes and skills this program teaches. I still look at my program materials often just to make sure I am on the right track when addressing patient safety concerns and staff concerns. I frequently use the different tools that the certificate introduced.

There are many styles of learning and this provided a little of each, so no one would walk away without many takeaways.”

- Misti Price, Administrative RN III, Surgical Intensive Care Unit, Baptist Health Medical Center-Little Rock


“Since taking this program, I view things differently now than I used to. Involving front line staff is so important! We used to sit around the table as leaders and come up with ways to fix problems and then inform the staff of what was expected. Through the online certificate, we’ve learned ways to involve the frontline staff in identifying the defects and also in coming up with solutions to fix the defects. They are more vested in ideas they come up with on their own.”

- Danielle Thompson, Med-Surg Manager, Jennings American Legion Hospital


“The online Patient Safety Certificate Program provides an abundance of tools to help organizations not only drill down to identify root causes of threats to safe care, but to improve quality of care. For example, we have adapted an action-planning worksheet for patient-centered care to guide several rapid process improvements at our hospital. Case studies and literature supplemented these tools and further enhanced my learning experience.”

- Joanna Williams, Clinical Performance Improvement Coordinator, Athens Regional Medical Center


"As a quality coordinator, metrics are important, but culture and behavior change are even more so. IT is something that we struggle with everyday. This program provides information, support and resources that we can consult to better manage and guide this change. I even referred to Dr. Pronovost's insights from the 'Leading Change' module in a presentation I conducted for quality coordinators in my region. I have been through a few courses similar to this and was yet able to take away new learning and ideas."

- Carrie Zimmerman, Network Quality Coordinator, Sanford Health


"The presentations were put together very professionally and were very engaging. It opened up another way of thinking. It's about moving away from the old school, top-down, we-know-what's-good-for-you-mentality to a collaborative, team approach to problem solving. I really enjoyed the online course. It was varied, thought-provoking and a positive learning experience."

- Phyllis Theriot, Clinical Systems Improvement, Jennings American Legion Hospital, Jennings, La.

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