Join the Armstrong Institute Team

The Armstrong Institute's goal is to eliminate preventable harm to patients and to achieve the best patient outcomes at the lowest cost possible, and then to share knowledge of how to achieve this goal with the world. We oversee, coordinate and support patient safety and healthcare improvement efforts across Johns Hopkins' integrated health care system.  

Armstrong Institute Team

Team members with appointments in the Armstrong Institute take part in a thriving, diverse community of safety and quality innovators who share their passion for reducing preventable harm, enhancing outcomes for all patients and reducing waste in health care. Members of the Armstrong Institute are able to tap the expertise of their colleagues and core resources of the institute to advance their scholarly work, find partners for collaboration and facilitate procurement of research funding. The Armstrong Institute is comprised of faculty and staff members spanning research and operations.

Faculty Members

The institute has four types of faculty appointments: (1) principal faculty, (2) core faculty, (3) affiliate faculty and (4) visiting faculty. Faculty may take on several roles, including:

  • Advising on quality and safety projects within the Johns Hopkins Medicine (JHM)
  • Participating in grants and contracts with other faculty members
  • Contributing to program development
  • Directing or teaching institute-sponsored courses

The faculty application process begins with the completion of an online application form.

Staff Members

The institute has three types of staff appointments: (1) principal, (2) core, (3) and affiliate. Staff may take on several roles, including:

  • Core staff that facilitates safety and quality improvement and streamlines policy across JHM such as:
    • Education and training
    • Event management
    • Clinical research activities
  • Patient relations and quality improvement staff

The staff application process begins with the completion of an online application form.

To learn about the requirements, responsibilities, and privileges associated with appointments within the Armstrong Institute and to learn about the process for obtaining an appointment, please review these documents:

Please e-mail us with any questions.