Coursera Catalog: The Patient Safety Specialization

Created by Johns Hopkins University, the Patient Safety Specialization on Coursera breaks down the barriers for anyone seeking a broad introduction to patient safety and quality improvement. The massively open online courses (MOOCs) cover core concepts, tools and strategies used in health care improvement, with opportunities for you to put them into practice in peer-graded class assignments.

Patient Safety Coursera Specialization

Learn about the Coursera Patient Safety Specialization offered by Johns Hopkins University. This online set of courses is available to anyone and provides knowledge, skills, and experience developing patient safety and quality improvement programs.


  • No application, prerequisites or set class times
  • Each course takes about four weeks to complete
  • New sessions of each course begin every two weeks
  • Audit courses for free to get all lectures, reading materials and tools
  • Pass all courses to earn the specialization and post a Coursera certificate on your LinkedIn profile, resume or CV

Undecided? Take a 7-day free trial and get access to all of the courses in this specialization.

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The Participant Experience

Participants will gain a comprehensive introduction to patient safety and quality improvement, through lectures, videos and reading materials. To earn a certificate for completing the specialization, you must pass quizzes and peer-reviewed assignments for all seven courses, including a capstone project in which you apply what you have learned to a realistic scenario in health care improvement.

Learners are not required to pursue the specialization. Courses can be taken individually or concurrently, with each course involving 2-4 hours of lectures, reading and assignments per week for four weeks.


The courses are free to audit. To subscribe to all the patient safety courses and pursue the specialization for your resume, CV or LinkedIn is $49 per month. Participants can apply for financial aid from Coursera.

How to select the audit option: Go to the page for a course that you wish to take — not the entire Patient Safety Specialization — and click the blue "Enroll" button. At the bottom of the pop-up window click "Audit the course."


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