Areas of Work

doctors meeting

Improving Patient Outcomes and Value

  • Reducing preventable harm for all patients under the care of Johns Hopkins Medicine. These hazards include hospital-acquired infections and other preventable complications, patient falls, failure to follow evidence-based medicine and events related to poor communication and teamwork among providers
  • Delivering patient-centered care by ensuring that all of our patients participate in their care, have their needs met for pain control and leave the hospital with an understanding of their health condition, therapies, follow-up needs and risks
  • Ensuring that Johns Hopkins Medicine is a national leader in externally reported quality measures
  • Reducing health disparities across Johns Hopkins Medicine

Building Organizational Capacity for Improvement

  • Developing the skills of Johns Hopkins faculty and staff so that they can lead efforts that improve patient safety, quality and efficiency
  • Building an infrastructure within Johns Hopkins Medicine to enhance patient outcomes
  • Supporting the scholarly productivity of Hopkins faculty in conducting patient safety and quality improvement research

Advancing the Science of Safety

  • Advancing the science of patient safety research by obtaining funding and by publishing papers that have national and international impact on the field
  • Creating clinical communities across Johns Hopkins Medicine that continually work to improve clinical and patient-reported outcomes while reducing costs. These communities are groups of clinicians, managers, patients and others who come together to achieve quality-related goals in an area of health care, such as surgical care or critical care

Listening, Learning and Sharing

  • Becoming world experts in patient safety and quality through research, publication and spread of best practice
  • Creating a culture of patient safety within Johns Hopkins Medicine through the Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Program, leadership, engagement of frontline caregivers and system-wide learning from our mistakes
  • Providing training opportunities, consultative services and technical support to external partners as well as to the Johns Hopkins Medicine community
  • Collaborating with other organizations to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs of care and advance the science of safety and quality