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Arts, Health and Well-Being

There is a rich landscape of arts, health and well-being programming at Johns Hopkins Medicine and University. We believe the arts can be instrumental in creating connection and community across our institution and can contribute to building resiliency. We highlight a few of these programs here and welcome contributions to this page and to our events listings by contacting


    Our Resources

    Peabody ArtReach

    The JHU Peabody Conservatory presents a curated collection of resources to help performing artists and arts-lovers weather the COVID-19 pandemic. Peabody artists are responding creatively to this challenge, and Peabody ArtReach aims to both showcase and support their work, offering inspiration, hope, and community through a variety of performances, learning opportunities, moments of wellness, and informational links.

    Peabody ArtReach

    COVID-19 NeuroArts Field Guide 

    The JHM International Arts and Mind Lab and Brain Science Institute has developed the COVID-19 NeuroArts Field Guide.  A collection of evidence-based arts resources and activities and explanation of the science behind them. The guide includes resources for literature, dance, writing, music and visual arts.

    COVID-19 NeuroArts Field Guide

    Picturing Pandemic Baltimore

    Pandemics are, by definition, global phenomena, but they are lived locally. In association with a special issue on COVID-19, the Bulletin of the History of Medicine and the Program in Arts, Humanities, & Health at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine have sponsored this exhibition documenting Baltimore’s experiences of the epidemic.

    Johns Hopkins International Arts + Mind Lab (IAM) Lab

    Johns Hopkins International Arts + Mind Lab (IAM) Lab offers a series of simple video explainers on the healing benefits of the arts—including music, dance and design—and how they are proving essential to our health and wellbeing.

    IAM Lab


    Additional Resources

    Google Arts & Culture

    This initiative features a toolkit of arts and culture activities for everyone, from the WHO’s Cultural 5 to breathing exercises with renowned opera singer Renée Fleming to a spoken word piece on mental health by teens from Chance the Rapper's youth empowerment charity, SocialWorks.

    COVID-19 Arts Response

    University of Florida Arts in Medicine developed a COVID-19 Arts Response page, an open-access repository to help professionals leverage creativity and the arts to develop effective responses to COVID-19. Groups and individuals are encouraged to add to and use these replicable examples to work together to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and improve quality of life for all communities now, and in the future. 

    COVID-19 Arts Response

    Free Unlimited Palliative music     

    From APMC National Coalition of Heathcare providers 

    What is palliative music?                                                                                           

    Palliative Music™ (PM) is a proprietary mark of APMC used to identify sophisticated music that contains 11 essential factors known to APMC which can help reduce symptoms of chronic pain that may otherwise be hard to treat through a long-term conventional medicine approach.

    Share The Music

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