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Pediatric Emergency Department (Bloomberg 1)

A facility separate from the adult ED that handles more than 25,000 visits annually for children of all ages who need emergent medical and surgical care. More than half the patients admitted to the Children’s Center arrive through the pediatric ED. As the regional pediatric trauma center for the state, we serve not only the local community but also receive referrals from throughout Maryland and surrounding states.

  • Specialty care including psychiatric care to age 18 years
  • Level I Trauma to age 22 years and Burn Center to age 15 years
  • State designated Child Abuse and Neglect Center
  • Eye Emergency center
  • Emergency Medical resource Center-Base Station: Certified physicians and nurses provide direction for pre-hospital providers throughout the state regardless of destination (24/7)
  • Level I trauma and burn to age 15 years; transfers to age 22 years

Patient Population

  • All children ages newborn to 22 years of age with any illness or injury

Number of Beds

  • 35 total, 3 triage

Nurse/Patient Ratio

  • 1:1 - 1:4-5

New Grad RN Orientation Length

  • 16 weeks, classes and practicum
  • New-grad Nurse Residency Program - PEDS Track with post-orientation mentoring


  • Rotations/shifts: 12 shifts - rotating in general, some permanent with experience

Skill Mix

  • 73 percent RN
  • 12 percent Clinical Technician
  • RN Leadership: Nurse manager, Clinical nurse specialist, Informatics nurse, Case manager
Laurie Rome

Why I Choose Pediatric Oncology Nursing

"In addition to the honor of working with these children and their families, there’s a huge capacity for professional and personal growth. You can create things to make the care better. I feel like my voice is heard and accepted. We take part in rounds with the physicians."

—Laurie Rome, RN
Pediatric Oncology

ANCC Magnet Recognition

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The Johns Hopkins Department of Nursing will host appraisers from the Magnet Recognition Program from 9/9-11/2013.

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