Johns Hopkins psychiatry nursing fosters an environment that supports the development of clinical expertise, shared governance and peer review. Thanks to our preceptor-guided, unit-based orientation and ongoing education, both experienced and new nurses--whether freshly graduated or merely new to psychiatry--can flourish.

Our nurses practice with autonomy and are integral members of highly collaborative care teams that include physicians, occupational therapists and social workers. Our opinions, observations and assessments are critical components of treatment decisions, and we assume a central role in teaching and caring for patients and their families.

Our Units

Devin Lowe

There's a huge focus on teaching here. We have lunchtime learning lectures, workshops, and classes. Health care is always changing and it's nice to be at a hospital that's on the cutting edge, that's forward thinking and often molds the patient care practice that other hospitals follow.

-Devin Lowe, RN, Geriatrics/Chronic Pain Unit

More Food, Fewer Crises

The introduction of family-style dining last year has changed the atmosphere across Meyer 3, a locked unit that accommodates up to 22 patients, many of them diagnosed with schizophrenia or affective illnesses, such as bipolar disorder.

Read how introduction of Family-style dining has changed patient's attitudes.