Transitioning to a career at Hopkins in a structured and informed way is critical to your success—and in the best interests of the people we serve. We pride ourselves on the developmental and transitional programs that are designed and tailored to experienced and new graduates.

For All New Hires

On the first two days of employment, all new hires attend the general Johns Hopkins Hospital orientation.

On the third day of employment, all new nursing hires attend a one-day orientation for Johns Hopkins Nursing staff.

Agenda includes:

  • Overview of Department of Nursing
  • Patient Safety & Risk Management
  • Remarks from Nursing Leadership
  • Nursing Licensure
  • Nursing Research
  • Overview of The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing
  • Organ and Tissue Donation
  • Restraints
  • Infection Control
  • CPR Review and Written Test

In addition, all specialties offer customized, unit-based orientation programs for new hires.

Required Orientation - Clinical Topics for Clinical Staff

For New Graduates

Whether you want to hone your acute care clinical skills or start right off in an intensive care unit, our extensive orientation programs give you the knowledge and confidence to practice in whatever setting you have chosen. You will work as part of a nurturing team of experienced colleagues who take pleasure in welcoming and helping new nurses.  In no time, you will become a full partner on our interdisciplinary health care team. Specialized programs designed to transition you into the role of a professional nurse are available via the Nurse Residency Program.