Our Professional Practice Model

We Achieve · We Care · We Influence · We Empower · We Excel

What does professional nursing look like at The Johns Hopkins Hospital?

  • Patient- and family-centered care
  • Inquiry and interprofessional collaboration
  • Autonomy and mutual accountability
  • Practice excellence

At the heart of it all is our commitment to patients and families.

See how Johns Hopkins Hospital nurses put their Professional Practice Model into practice:

We Achieve

Learn about the values and goals that define the complex role of a Johns Hopkins Hospital nurse.

We Care

Assistant nurse manager Heather Davis Bruning started the practice of conducting bedside shift reports on her unit, helping to improve the experience of patients and families and get them more involved in the plan of care.

We Influence

Nurses Gina Szymanski and Mikaela Olsen saw an opportunity to cut down on patient wait time in the ambulatory oncology clinic by partnering with pharmacy staff members, physicians and administrators to prepare as much of a patient’s treatment in advance as possible.

We Empower

Nurses Beth Diehl and Karen Frank saw an opportunity to build on the expertise and capability of Johns Hopkins neonatal ICU nurses by creating a new nursing role—that of transport and delivery room (or TR/DR) nurse—that has helped reduce the time it takes to bring a newborn to The Johns Hopkins Hospital for care and stabilize a newborn’s temperature during the trip.

We Excel

Nurse Rebecca Cramer was committed to getting her board certification as a psychiatric mental health nurse, but she didn’t stop there. Cramer helped 44 nursing colleagues from her department achieve their board certification by helping to remove any barriers that might stand in their way.